How do I select the right Stripe action?

  • 21 November 2022
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I have a sales page I created on WordPress using Elementor, which has a Stripe button widget. I entered both my test and live API keys in their Integrations panel, which lets me toggle any given Stripe button into “test mode” so that I can ensure Stripe is seeing my “test” payments—and it does, yay!

But I want to make sure those test payments pass their info along to Flodesk, which I use for my email platform—to deliver the purchased product digitally. In Zapier, I can connect to my Stripe account and Flodesk no problem, but when it comes to choosing the right action (New Payment? Checkout is completed?), I get stuck.

I originally had New Payment Completed (which seems like the obvious option), except it wants me to “create a new payment in your Stripe account and test your trigger again.” So I tried making it New Checkout Completed instead, and while the “testing” of the trigger worked, nothing actually showed up in Flodesk. I don’t think it was getting the data fed from anywhere.

How do I create a payment if the Stripe app (on Zapier?) won’t let me use the test data?

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1 reply

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Hi @Azurite, welcome to the Community!

The trigger will have asked you to make a new payment in your Stripe account because it needs to catch the information as it’s coming in. Are you able to make a new test payment to test the Zap with? If you need some more help trying to get a sample for the Stripe Payment trigger, I recommend looking at the ‘Create a new item in your app’ section of the help guide: Zap trigger test fails

​I hope that helps, please let us know if you need some more help!