How do I select more than one date for Zoom registrants from the imported file to attend?

  • 9 September 2022
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I am setting up a ZAP to import a registrants into a recurring meeting in ZOOM. 

Does anyone know how to select more than one date for the registrant from the imported file to attend.


The problem I see is that in ZOOM I have allowed registrants to choose the days when they want to attend. The ZAP however asks to specify on of the instances only. Therefore seperate lists need to be ZAPed into ZOOM which creates a problem as the attendees receive multiple emails with invitations - one for each day the want to attend. The default in ZOOM is to send one email with all the dates selected.


Help and advice appreciated.

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7 replies

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Hi @OnlineInterpretersWorldwide , 


As you said, you need to first which day they choose then add them to the relevant meeting. That being said, you can use Calendly to do something like this. This resource can shed more light on this 

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@MohSwellam thx for your response. I am not looking for people to sign up. I have a whole spreadsheet of preregistered attendents for a corporate client. I need to get them into the ZOOM recuring meeting on different days. 

I have a Calendly account. Calendly allows people to register for an event but does not have a workflow to import registrants from an external file….unless I am missing something.

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My pleasure @OnlineInterpretersWorldwide 


Well the thing is, you want them to choose a date, but you cannot do that with ZOOM and ZAPIER. You need to define the date in the zap as you said. You can however send an email out using Zapier with the Calendly link so they can choose the date then you can add them to the relevant meeting with a zap where Calendly is the Trigger and ZOOM is the Action. 

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@MohSwellam We have a ffile with all the people and all the dates. The participants do not register individually.

So we don;t need to go through a registration process as we have all the details. I am trying to ZAP the details into ZOOM.


The Zoom registration allows registrants to select the dates they want to attend. That is not the problem. The roblem is with Zapier. Zapier is only allowing a single date choice. 


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@OnlineInterpretersWorldwide When you use the Create Meeting Registrant in Zoom you have to choose which meeting you want to add this participant to. There is no option for letting the participant choose the date in Zoom integration. 


If this is not what you are looking for, then some screenshots would help to understand better. 

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Hey there, @OnlineInterpretersWorldwide! I wanted to touch base and see if you were able to get this sorted? 🙂
I can see you were able to open a ticket with my friends in support, which is perfect!

If you’re still needing help troubleshooting I’d recommend continuing the chat there as they’ll be able to pull your zap up and give you more personalized recommendations! 

Definitely keep us in the loop though! We’d love to know the end solution! 

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We had to use a totally different tool with a more comprehensive API to get the job done.


The issue is simple, however ZAPIER does not provide the functionality to make it work. Here is the problem to be solved.


  1. I have a multisession meeting in ZOOM that is setup for participants to choose the days that they want to attend. Registration is required
  2. I have a list of participants in a database with dates that each participant can attend the meeting
  3. When defining the ZAP, I am forced to select one specific day for the database to be imported to. The ZAP cannot work with a variable set of dates to define the participants in ZOOM

The work around is to prepare multiple ZAPs and a seperate list of participants per day of the meeting and associate each list with a specific ZAP that is defined for a specific date. …… Not an option as it is too complicated and requires too much prep work. In addition there are changes taking place tha would require additional ZAPs to be defined…….too much effort to make this work.


So we used a third part registration system that has a more comprehensive interface with ZOOM and allowed us to import a predefined database with individual days for the participants to join. Solved the problem in a simple manner.


Thx for your interest @christina.d