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How do I select a table when connecting JotForm to SQL when no table is available?

  • 5 October 2022
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Currently using Jotform to capture information for 3rd party database.

The configuration between Jotform and SQL via Zapier has been done. 


Currently face a challenge when selecting a table the is No choices available. 


Could someone please assist if they have had this challenge before and what needs to be done next. 




Thank you


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5 replies

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Hi @XsourceIT , 


Can you share screenshots of the current setup please? 


Also, this wasn't the case before but it is happening now? i.e.: the zap was working fine but no longer is? Maybe there is a change in the DB? 



Please see the screenshot below 


The Zap has not been created as yet , This is the setup stage. 

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The configuration between Jotform and SQL via Zapier has been done. 


Im referring to this part, you did not do this part yet? 



This is not complete as the im not able to select a table and there is not viewable tables. 


What should i do next ?

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Hey there @XsourceIT !

If you open a ticket with our support team, we would be happy to take a look directly at the Zap and the logs we have to see if there are any hints we can give you.

I can say that if you are not getting an error back from us, that is a great first step!  That means your SQL account is working and we are able to talk to your server.  If this is indeed the case, then it could be a permissions or misconfiguration issue on your server.  

I do see that we have answered a similar topic in the forms and we decided the best answer there as well was due to a permissions issue: 

I would say if the above link does not help you, please move forward with opening a ticket with our team @ and we can look at more specific data from your account!