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How do I schedule zaps to CRM from instant to every day? Does it lower task count?

  • 2 October 2022
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I'm running into the issue of having to many zaps for my plan. Instead of upgrading plans can I schedule zaps for every day instead of them being instant? I don't need them to be instant from when the customer fills out my google form. 


  • Does it save on tasks if you schedule them daily, instead of being instant?
  • If zapier sends multiple rows all at once from your google sheets to your CRM does that only count as one task, or does each row of data count as one task?

I am curious if I schedule each zap to only send data once a day will that help minimize the amount of task that Zapier is performing. Also, I would need to know how to schedule each zap to only send data once a day to my CRM if that helps lower the amount of task. 



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Hi @High Octane Properties ​​​​​​,

  1. Yes it does.
  2. Its depends. If you send all the rows in batch at once to your CRM, its only count as 1 (if line item supported). If you looping it and send it one by one, it still count as multi task.
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Hey @High Octane Properties! Just coming in to add some clarity. Even if you decide to run your Zap once/day, you will still be charged a task for each action that is taken. So, for example, if your action is to create a contact each time your form is filled out, the creation of each contact will count as 1 task, regardless of if you create all of the contacts once a day or sporadically throughout the day. We never charge for checking for new data. A Task is only counted when data is found and we take an action with it. 

More info on this, here: