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How do I retrieve images as attachments to Google Firebase?

Hey All, 


I’m trying to retrieve images as attachments on Google Firebase. Is there any tutorials or how to on this? 


Much appreciate the help :) 


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Hi @andreatcodingitio 

Firebase does have a Zapier integration: that references being able to access documents both in a trigger and through an action. If you can, please try to phrase your question like so: “When this happens, I’d like to do that” as every Zap you build will have a trigger and one or more actions.

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Hey there, @andreatcodingitio! I wanted to touch base and see if you were still needing help with this?

In addition to what @GetUWired mentioned here’s another help article for getting started with Firebase:

Keep us posted!

I have gotten as far as selecting a single record based on its ID however this doesnt seem to work referencing all fields by a foreign key reference. Is there potentially someone at Zapier that could assist here? I would be happy to pay for training and consultation. 



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Check out the experts page

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Hi friends, I wanted to summarize some of the resources found here around Firebase!

While we’d need a bit more information to confirm, this does sound doable as @GetUWired mentions. Here’s a guide on getting started with Firebase along with some common questions:

If you’d prefer to hire someone to tackle setting this up, Zapier does have an Experts program. We even offer a matching service to pair you with an expert!

I hope some of of this helps! 🙂