How do I retrieve and post Google Drive files by created Time to Instagram for Business?

In a specific google drive folder I want to be able to retrieve a file based on his createdTime order each time the triggers occures. The video files in this folder will have different names (music titles) so I can’t set the name in the name field asked for this action.


This will look like this :

First trigger : retrieve first file / Second trigger : retrieve second file / and so on…


Then I need to be able to post this video to Instagram for business.

Is this doable and if so, how ?
Thank you

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Hi @ripapi 

That type of query logic would likely have to involve using the GDrive API:


Instead, I’d recommend you log the GDrive files into a GSheet with columns to use as the lookup values.

Then you can mark in a column which have been used.

Concept is called a lookup table:


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Hey there, @ripapi! 👋

Did you get this sorted by making an API call to Google Drive’s API, or were you able to use the lokup table approach Troy recommended?

Happy to help further if you’re still at all, just let us know where you’re at and we’ll go from there! 🙂