how do i remove "zapier" tags from embeded code?

  • 9 December 2023
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 i pay for a custom domain, i have clients that want me to build chatbots for them so they can embed it in their site, so i would like to create the bots without them knowing how i built it, i dont want them to know that i built it using zapier, this is way i am paying for a custom domain.

so after i build it, i want to give it to their programmers so they can embed the popup chat in the site.

the script involves the zapier interface, and there is also a zapier interface tag, i need these to be gone and use my custom domain.

if this is not possible then there is no point for me to use the platform, because me paying for custom domain is not present for my use case.

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3 replies

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Hi @modi 

Good question.

Can you provide screenshots about what you are wishing to remove/change to give us context?

hey @Troy Tessalone 
i have created a bot for a client of mine, i want to send the embed code to his programmers so they can add it to his site, and like i said i do not want them to know that i have built it using zapier.

the embed code looks like this : 
“” < script type='module' src=''></ script>
<zapier-interfaces-chatbot-embed is-popup="true" chatbot-id='clpxyfq360006qbankh2oejd6' height="600px" width="400px"></zapier-interfaces-chatbot-embed>””

as you can see, any programmer can easily understand that i have built it using zapier, look at the script src, and the <zapier-interfaces-chatbot-embed> tag, i need those removed, or changed with my custom domain.

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Did you review the help article about custom domains?


Or you can try submitting a ticket here: