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How do I remove coding from zaps from Google Calendar to Discord?

  • 4 March 2020
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I am using event listings in Google calendar and creating Zaps in a Discord server channel. Sometimes it shows up great. Other times, it posts coding such as breaks <br> or posting URLs twice and generally gets messy and unreadable. Here is one example of the post created in calendar and how it showed up in Discord. I've tried formatter (remove html and "covert html to markdown" options) but neither seems to have an effect. I've just "inherited" the server on Discord and I'm brand new to Zapier so any suggestions are appreciated!

Calendar view:

Discord view:


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Hi @JasyRoe

Check out the "Formatter->Text->Remove HTML Tags" action step - this will help you at least remove the tags.

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If you’ve tried the Remove HMTL tags option and that didn’t work, then the Formatter Find and Replace action might do the trick. You could set it to search for the <br> tag and replace it with [:newline:] 

That should convert any text that says <br> into a line break for you. 

Where there any other tags that were causing difficulty even after the ‘Remove Html tags’ Formatter action?