How do I remove a Student on my online platform after X amount of days

  • 9 September 2020
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Hi! I just used Zapier to automate a student creation on Xperiencify through a successful payment on an order form in ClickFunnel.

I am building a 5 day challenge for my online course program and I am offering it for $5 to participate and an upsell of $27 for a lifetime access to the course.

Now what I would like to do next is make a zap that determines who paid $5 and $32 (participation and upsell purchase); the payment will go through Stripe. Then after the 5 day challenge is done, those who paid $5 will have their access to Xperiencify removed. Also, Xperiencify doesn’t have an option to “remove a student after x days”; the only option would be to determine who paid $5 and manually remove them from the class list. 

What I had in mind is:

Stripe (determine $5 payment) > Zap > Xperiencify (Remove 7 days later)

I tried it but it does not fit with the options available


I would like to ask for tips on how to make a zap out of this.

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3 replies

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Hi @Robyn Unwin , the option to remove a student for Xperiencify hasn’t been created as an option in Zapier. Seems like a manual option might be the only way. 

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@Robyn Unwin The only way I can think of solving this is to store the purchases for later reference (Google Sheet would work).  Then create a Zap that will perform the following:

Zap 1: Excel Loop

  1. Trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook
  2. Action:  Lookup Spreadsheet Row in google Sheets
  3. Filter: ID Step 2 Exists
  4. Action: Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets.
  5. Action: Update Xperiencify 
  6. Action: Webhook - POST URL from Zap 1, Step 1.

To set this up to run one time per day (or any interval), add this Zap:

  1. Trigger: Schedule by Zapier
  2. Action: Webhook - POST URL from Zap 1, Step 1

See this video to get an idea of how this can work

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Hi @Robyn Unwin 

Just checking back in. Did you manage to work something out here?