How do I put activities in Pipedrive to be marked as "Done" as part of the Zap?

I am looking to have a text message sent based on activities in Pipedrive. I am looking at 2 methods to make this happen but have had no luck in getting them to trigger and run correct. 

Option 1

When clicking an activity “Done” in Pipedrive a text would be sent. Seems simple enough but I dont think there is a trigger to watch for activity changes 

Option 2
A zap that runs based on a Matching filter in Pipedrive and then a scheduled text message. The issue I have with this is there does not seem to be a way to mark those activities as done. 


Anyone have any experience with a similar setup? 




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Hi @bradross2610 

Good question.

Try this Zap trigger: Pipedrive - Activity Matching Filter


Where are you seeing that “Mark As Done” Option in Zapier?

I think maybe you missed part of the issue. I need those activities in Pipedrive to be marked as “Done” as part of the Zap. 

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Action: Pipedrive - Update Activity


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Hey @bradross2610! I just wanted to pop in here and see if you were able to get your zap running correctly with Troy’s recommendation? 🙂