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How do I pull initial notes content(text) from HubSpot and put it into a document?

  • 15 September 2022
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When a new client enrolls in our program, I want to pull information from Hubspot and put it onto a document. I am able to successfully locate a contact in Hubspot using a “Find Contact in Hubspot” search step. I want to then pull the initial notes we have on that contact, but I am unable to.


I have been using the “Additional properties to Retrieve” section to try to pull the first note we have on a client, which works for many other values I am trying to pull, but not for the notes specifically. The closest I have gotten is pulling the ID of the first notes on a client. My assumption is that I just can’t figure out what that field is called since there is so much data you can pull from Hubspot, but I would love any and all advice. Maybe if I knew what the field was called I could try out the code by Zapier function?


Thank you!


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Hi @BSlade , 


What I usually do when Im not sure what the field name is, is create a dummy record in the app in my trigger (in this case Hubspot) and enter certain values in the Notes which is the field Im not sure what name it has. After I do that, I then retest the trigger step (load more data) and search for the custom values I entered, this way I get the field name. 

That was a great idea, MohSwellam. Unfortunately, I was still unable to find this field, which makes me think it may not be an option in Zapier

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Hi @BSlade - thanks for joining us in Community!

You are correct, this particular data is not currently available with the Zapier<> HubSpot integration but it is an active feature request!

I’ve added your vote to this request and you will be notified via email should there be any updates. Let us know if we can be of any further help!

This is feature already available (to grab all notes from the contact)?