How do I pull an ECWID text box into a spreadsheet and only if other fields in the order are true?

Hi, so I have some very detaiiled products on my store and they involve several options and some text fields. I am interested in being able to display ONLY the contents of a particular text box and only if two other options are selected with specific values on a Google Sheet, (or alternatively send by email to one or more addresses even),

So the example is that the product has a Text Box called “Notes” and the contents are “Test”, the “Time” option is set up as a size and would have the N/A size selected and the “Place” option is also set up as a size and would have the N/A size selected. There are other options selected, but I only wish to put the text box contents on the sheet if the Time AND Place options have “N/A” values selected and only when the status is “delivered”..

I have tried creating a Zap with delivered trigger and keywords “Notes” and I have set up 3 columns on the spreadsheet and I haven’t even managed to get the Notes on the sheet yet, let alone filter in the N/A only Time and Place options.


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Hi @TheAlchemist 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

To ensure we’re on the same page, could you kindly send screenshots of how you’ve configured the Zap so far? That’ll help me make sure I give you the best suggestion possible.

(If there’s any personal information, kindly blur them.)

Also, with the information you provided above, you need to use Filter by Zapier. You may check this link to learn more about how to use the Filter:

Looking forward to your response!

Hello Charlie,

I think I’ve cracked it. I find it difficult to grasp some of the concepts and the tutorials are for people who already get the basics. Quite frustrating. Thanks. If I still can’t get exactly what I want done, I’ll post again.

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Hey there @TheAlchemist,

Glad to hear that you were able to sort things out. If you come across any further hurdles, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Community. We're always here to help.

Have a great day! 😊