How do I programmatically create Zaps using information from a Trello card?

  • 22 September 2023
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Every week I create 12 to 20 zaps that all are of the same structure, actually all the information that I need to create the zap it’s already on a Trello card.

Is there a way to use zap (or any other way) to create programmatically zaps?

I already browsed the existing endpoints for zap management, but I didn’t find any useful information.

If you think about it, it will be ironic that one of the few platforms that you can’t use zap it’s zapier itself ..

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2 replies

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Hi @xcoatl 

Good question.

First, you may be able to make your existing Zaps dynamic (e.g. lookup tables) so that you don’t have to duplicate and edit each week.

We would need to see more context about your Zaps are configured and what causes you to duplicate them each week. (screenshots/

You may want to consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert to help you with the Zap audit and optimizations.



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For context, there is a Zapier API, but it’s still in Beta: