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How do I post the link to a newly created Google Doc in a specific row of a Notion database?

  • 22 June 2023
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Hey Community,

I’m trying to create an integration where I update a database in Notion, which then creates a google doc from a template. Those two steps already work and I get a new google doc created. Now I want the link to this google doc posted in the same row (see screenshot attached). But I can’t figure out how to make the connection to this new row. As you can see I already managed to do it to an existing row. 

Maybe someone can help me with that.

So how the process should look like:

  1. I create a new row and enter the details like Name, Start Date, Role & private Email
  2. Zapier creates a google doc from a template
  3. The link to this google doc is posted in Link to Onboarding Checklist

Best answer by Troy Tessalone 22 June 2023, 22:34

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3 replies

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Hi @oliisdancing 

Good question.

Use this Zap action: Notion - Update Database Item

Map the Item ID from Step 1 in the Zap.


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Thanks Troy! As easy as it sounds, but yea totally makes sense. Works now.

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Thanks for following up here @oliisdancing! I’m so pleased Troy was able to help get this solved. 🎉

Seems like you’re all set for now but please do reach back out in Community if you need help with anything else. We’re always happy to assist! 🙂