How do I pause next Zap to run ?

  • 27 April 2023
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I would like to pause the next run of this zap for about 3 hours after it finishes running. This zap triggers nothing for a while and then suddenly triggers 20 times a day, sending messages to customers. This is too much; customers need to know that a trigger has fired, but it doesn't need to happen that frequently.

I tried setting a delay at the final step for 2 hours, hoping that the zap would not end during that time period and therefore not trigger another zap. However, when I tried to publish, it did not proceed, so there may be a restriction. As far as I understand, the delay function needs succeeding tasks to delay, so publishing may not be allowed.

If you have any ideas on how to pause the zap after a run for a while, please let me know. I have searched for functions like restricting zaps during certain timeframes or pausing zap invitations, but these are not what I need. My simple goal is to pause the next zap run for a certain timeframe.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi @Geektec 

This is a complex problem and the easiest option here would be using storage by zapier to 

  • Action: Get storage value (we will set a value of when the last time it ran)
  • Filter:If the current time run is 30 minutes past after the last run
  • Action: campaign
  • Action: Set storage value that will be retrieved in first action