How do I maintain lead & company names visible, set right category in HighLevel without re-triggering from Apollo?

I am having an issue sending contacts from Apollo to HighLevel.

The trigger I have setup is a contact update from Apollo.

Then I have a filter set up for Only continue if... the contact contains ‘replied’.

My next action is Add/Update Contact in LeadConnector with all the appropriate information.

After that I have two formatter’s set up. The first is to replace the company name with the clients first and last name. *The reason is because the company name shows up in HighLevel leads as the clients name. We want it to show the clients name under prospecting clients, where it says ‘opportunity name’. However, how it’s set up now the name replaces the opportunity name (good) but also deletes the company name and is blank.

The second formatter splits the text into the first and last name of the lead.

Step 6 is set up to Only continue if… the contact equals replied to email. *Because the other issue is that if the lead is moved from ‘Replied to Email’ under opportunities in HighLevel, to another category (interested, meeting scheduled, follow up, etc.) and we respond or have emails sent back and forth, the lead gets placed back into ‘Replied to Email’. We want them to stay in the category we place them in.

The last step Add/Update Opportunity in LeadConnector is to add the lead into the Opportunity section of HighLevel. 

After numerous attempts, we’ve managed to get the contact into the contact list and in the Opportunity list. The issue is that we want the name of the lead and company name to be visible and place the lead in the correct category without them being re-triggered by Zapier.

Any assistance or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Hello and welcome, @VideoVets. Thanks for joining the Community! 🙂

It sounds like the issue is that the company name isn’t being set in the last step of the Zap that adds the opportunity (step 7). Am I understanding that correctly?

I’m a little confused by the first Formatter action that’s replacing the company name with the first name. Are you using the clients name that’s output by that formatter action in step 7 of the Zap that created the opportunity?

If so, presumably it gets the company name that it’s overriding from Apollo. In which case, could you select the company name from the relevant field on the Apollo trigger that contains the company name? I’m thinking that way the company name will be added to the opportunity and the client’s name will still be used for the opportunity name. Does that sound like it could work or am I misunderstanding the issue here?

Also for step 6, when a lead be moved from “Replied to Email” to another category in Apollo the filter in step 2 should stop the Zap from continuing so the category in LeadConnector (highLevel) shouldn’t be changed. Is it that if they get changed back to “Replied to Email” the Zap is then changing the category they’re in, in LeadConnector? 

Looking forward to hearing from you on this! 

Greetings @SamB,

Thank you for your reply and welcoming us to the community! 😊  

I understand my explanation may have been a bit confusing so I made a loom video to hopefully help explain things a little better.


Here are the steps I used to set up another version of this zap, but I’m still running into issues.

1). I’ve set up the trigger to have a contact update from Apollo sent through Zapier to HighLevel. 

2). The trigger will only continue if there is a reply.

3). Add/ Update Opportunity in LeadConnector (HighLevel). I set this action step before step 5 (adding contact update) because we want the opportunity name (in HighLevel) to show up as the contact and not the business name. The contact is updated later to fill in the company name, since it is not an option within the Update Opportunity action.

Also there is a ‘select stage’ in this step that is selected for ‘replied to email’. Which is what we want. The issue is that any other corresponding emails sent, the contact is placed back into this stage (replied to email) under opportunities in HighLevel. We want to be able to move them to other stages within the opportunities section without them being placed back into ‘replied to email’.

4). Delay by Zapier for 1 min. I added this action because we want the opportunity to be added first with the name of the contact as the opportunity name. Is there a better way for this to work?

5). Lastly I added the Contact Update to LeadConnector to add any additional information that the opportunity action did not add, such as the company name.

I would like to find a way to be able to solve A) the opportunity name as the contacts name, not the business name, but have the business name within the contact. B). Be able to move a contact within the opportunities section of HighLevel without it being re-triggered or re-zapped to be placed back into the ‘replied to email’ section. Since any future replies seems to re-trigger the zap. 

Again thank you very much for your response and I hope this cleared things up. Perhaps I’m missing something or there’s a better way to set up the zap. Again any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.



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Thanks for sharing those extra details and helpful video here @VideoVets


A) the opportunity name as the contacts name, not the business name, but have the business name within the contact.

If you move the Add/Update Contact action to before the Add/Update Opportunity action in the Zap, does the opportunity name still get set correctly as the contact’s name? Or does it create the opportunity using the business name? Just want to double-check I’m right in thinking that it’s currently the other way round because if the business name is added to the contact first then, even though the contact’s name is added in the Add/Update Opportunity action, it will set the business name as the opportunity name? 

If that’s the case, then how you’ve got it set up by adding the contact after the opportunity seems like it’s the correct approach to use. Though I suspect you can take out the Delay action since the Zap will create/update the opportunity first then add/update the contact. Both actions wouldn’t be run at the exact same time.

B). Be able to move a contact within the opportunities section of HighLevel without it being re-triggered or re-zapped to be placed back into the ‘replied to email’ section. Since any future replies seems to re-trigger the zap. 

I think what you’d need to do here is to check that there isn’t an existing opportunity already created for the person’s reply that triggers the Zap. So ideally you’d use a search action to find the opportunity, then use a Filter by Zapier action to only allow the Zap to continue if no opportunity was found. The issue here is that there’s no “Find Opportunity” search action available. There’s a feature request open for one to be added so I’ve submitted your vote for that. This means that we’ll be able to email you to let you know the minute that action gets added.

In the meantime, you’d need a way to identify whether an opportunity has already been added to the system or not so that’s not going to change the opportunity stage once it’s moved. So there’s two workarounds I’m thinking you could try:

1) Use different information from Apollo to determine if the Zap should continue or not.
Is there any different in the information that comes over from Apollo when a contact sends a subsequent reply? Do they have a specific value in a field or tag for example? If so you could set the filter to only continue if that specific value or tag is not present.

2) Store a record of each opportunity in a third party app, like Google Sheets for example.
With this approach you’d then be able to search the Google Sheets spreadsheet (using a Lookup Spreadsheet Row search action) to see if the opportunity already existed and then have a filter check only continue if it wasn’t able to find anything.  

Do you think either of those suggestions could work here?

Thank you @SamB for this!

We appreciate your tips and advice. I’ve created a spreadsheet and will be seeing if this solves the the issues we’ve been having. I do have another question.

Is there a way to stop the zap after its initial fire. If I have the zap setup as the following:

1). Trigger. Apollo

2). Only continue if.. replied

3). Add/ Update Opportunity to LeadConnector

4). Add/ Update Contact to LeadConnector

5). *End Zap(?)

This setup works perfectly if the zap could fire just once. If not, it repeats and re-triggers it. Is there a way to have a zap fire only once, per contact reply?

Thank you again for your help!

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Hi there @VideoVets,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

I found this Community post that is somewhat similar to the workflow you’re referring to:

Hopefully, this points you to the right direction! 😊