How do I look up a name in a Google Spreadsheet and then return the value of a certain column?

  • 25 October 2022
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Hello there. Im trying to setup a trigger in my discord that is like /points or !points or something like that. What it will do is get the persons name that sent the trigger, look them up in a google sheets spreadsheet and then return a value of a certain column. am i able to do this?

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5 replies

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Hi @Faulkal 

Yes, this is totally doable, you just have to have a sheet with all discord username and their points.

  1. Trigger: Discord - new Channel message
  2. Action: Sheet - Find row using username
  3. Discord: create channel message

awesome. though im having a little trouble with the sheet action. 

im not sure what needs to be filled in these different data points

I did some more testing and figured it out! My next question is (though i cant seem to find the answer) is there a way to trigger only on a specific message in a channel? 

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Hi @Faulkal 


In order to trigger for a specific message, you can add a filter after the trigger so it won't move forward if the message doesn't contain what you are looking for. 


This will not consume any tasks :) 

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Hey there @Faulkal just checkin in that you were able to find a solution to finding a specific message for your trigger? Hope you were able to get to the finish line with your Zap, and looking forward to hearing from you!