How do I iterate over multiple outputs from Formatter steps and add them to a table in one run using Zapier?

  • 20 October 2023
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So right now I have 3 Formatter steps that output something like this, respectively:

Country output
City Output
Time Output


Each step has the same number of outputs as the other steps, logically, because they are actually being formatted from a Log entry. (e.g. Output 4 is Egypt, city of Cairo, at 2023-10-14T09:37:27.319Z) 


I would then like to iterate on each output and add one of each to a table, so that the table would like something like this:


However, I want to do this for all the outputs in one run. So the loop would grab every output numbered “1”, add the respective row entry and fill the steps in, and then pass on to every output numbered “2”, fill in the row with info, so on and so forth until the last iteration, or in this case, the last output number line.

So I created a Line Item Loop with the following mapping:

loop mapping

As you can see I assigned a name to the output and then mapped it to the output that you can see in my previous images (which are in of itself, line items).

Under the loop I am adding these to the table, with a “Create Record in Zapier Tables” step, as so:

I was hoping this would run the number of times for which we have outputs. So in my first images, if I have 10 outputs (10 sets of country/city/time), then this would run 10 times and add each of those sets to a row in the table. 

However, I’m only getting the first iteration, e.g. the first set (Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre, 2023-10-13).

Anything I’m missing here?

Any help extremely appreciated!

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Hi @Urban Sports 

Good question.

Make sure to review the help article for using the Looping app: