How do I integrate Google Docs with Pocket?

  • 31 December 2023
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I want to create a Zap to help me read a select few Google docs on Pocket. I want to be able to save Google docs into a folder called “Pocket” for reading offline later on my Pocket. 


I have created a separate folder in my Google Drive called “Pocket”. When I upload a document to this folder I would like it to automatically appear in my Pocket “saves”. So far I have set up the trigger as “new file in folder in Google Drive” to be from my “pocket” folder and synced my pocket, but I think I am failing on the “action” step… there is nothing I can insert in the URL to make all documents that I move to my Pocket google folder to automatically get saved to my Pocket account. 


In case it’s not already clear I just want a way of storing a combination of news articles (which Pocket easily does) and Google Docs in one app for reading at any time, so I can easily dip into a “menu of things I need to read”.


Any ideas?? Please help! 



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3 replies

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Hi there @ChiefOfStaff,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Have you tried mapping the “Alternate Link” data from Google Drive to the “URL” field of the Pocket step?

(view larger)

Or you can try mapping the “OpenDoc URL” data instead: 20d2a3e37086d6c9f92ddeefe7db355e.png

Could you please give that a try, and let me know how it goes?

Thanks Gary! 

I tried with the “Alternative Link” solution and that seemed to work - but now when it syncs I keep getting links to superhuman??? Absolutely no idea how this is happening… 


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Hi there @ChiefOfStaff,

Thanks for an update here.

I believe the OpenDoc URL is the cause of this. I apologize for the confusion here.

Could you please try these for me?

  1. Turn off the Zap.
  2. Go to your Pocket step.
  3. Make sure that the “Alternative Link” data is mapped and no other else.
  4. Skip the testing the action step, by clicking on the “Skip Test” button.
  5. Publish the Zap again.

Please keep me posted.