How do I integrate Apizeal with Gmail, Google Sheets, WhatsApp, and GoTo in Zapier?

I'm having trouble integrating Apizeal into Zapier. The applications I need to integrate are Gmail, Google Sheets, WhatsApp, and GoTo. Anyone who can help, and if it's in Spanish, even better.

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Hi @JohannapApp 

Can you elaborate more about what specifically you need help with related to configuring the automation between those apps?


Check out the available Zap app triggers/actions for each app by searching:

e.g. Apizeal:


If you are looking to hire help, check out the directory of Certified Zapier Experts:

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@JohannapApp hola, como estas? me podrias decir que quieres hacer con apizeal y los apps que dijistes. Si tengo un poquito mas the informacion, yo creo que puedo ayudarte, Yo me especializo en automatizar processos.