How do I incorporate Resources in the "Create Detailed Event in Google Calendar" action?

  • 20 April 2023
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I’m creating a Google Form called “Calendar Request” so our employees can request events to be added to our organization’s main Google Calendar

My plan is to add an “Approved?” column in the form response Google Sheet with checkbox data validation; checking the box (i.e. altering that column) would trigger a Zap that pulls information from the form response sheet to create a detailed calendar event in our main calendar.

I’d like the Zapier action to “Create Detailed Event in Google Calendar” to include resources such as rooms and vehicles that have already been set up within our Google Workspace. Resources don’t have unique email addresses, but they do each have their own calendar.  They are typically added to events from within Google Calendar like attendees.

The only field I see on the Zapier action that might work to request resources is “Attendees” - but since Resources don’t have unique email addresses, I am not sure if field mapping will be sufficient.  Please help! 

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Hi @AMauricio, welcome to the Community!

You’re definitely on the right track here. It should be possible to book the resources/vehicles by adding them to events as attendees. If you go into the Calendar settings in Google Calendar and scroll down to the Integrate Calendar section it looks like there’s an email address for Calendar ID:

Perhaps you could try adding that Calendar ID as an event attendee?

If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to try dynamically selecting the Google Calendar based on the resource that’s been selected on the form. 

To dynamically select the calendar you’d likely need to use a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) action that has a list of the resources/vehicles and their corresponding Google Calendar ID. See our Create lookup tables in Zaps guide for more details.

You’d need to use the Custom value option when selecting the Calendar:

Then you’ll be able to select the field that contains the calendar ID that’s output by the lookup table. You can find out more about how to work with custom values here: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps.

Want to give the above suggestions a try and let us know how that goes! 🙂