How do I include Gmail filters to add a new row on sheets with only specific words?

  • 24 February 2023
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Hey all, 


I couldn’t find this anywhere on Youtube or here


When I don’t include any filters, my spreadsheet row is updated perfectly fine


But when I’m trying to filter out words that indicate interest from prospective emails, nothing shows up


E,g “setup a time” “demo” “interested” to name a few 


I even used Google’s reference of “ “ but to no avail 


Here’s what I have typed, and I’m using the simple Gmail to Sheets template


Thank you in advance!



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5 replies

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Hi @sadidrahimi 

Good question.

Click the more link to see more info that should point you in the right direction.


Hello Troy,


I did, hence “I even used Google’s reference of “ “ but to no avail” 


It didn’t help with adding rows, so now I’m here 

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Check out this help article:


Troy, I appreciate your trying to help, but I’ve repeated my answer to you twice, both in comments and in the original question, stating that I’ve already done that


I’ve been on that Google article, combed over the entire article, and still, nada


I wouldn’t be here otherwise 

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If you can’t get the Gmail search operators to work, then you can try using a Filter as step 2 in your Zap:


Did you try this?

"demo" OR "set up a time" OR "interested"


{"demo" "set up a time" "interested"}



This doesn’t have the OR between the terms.