How do I halt sending an SMS in JustCall when someone cancels or reschedules an appointment in Hubspot?

  • 13 February 2023
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Hi I’m having an issue with one of my zaps. I’m using hubspot as my crm and justcall as my voip system. When someone books an appointment in hubspot i would like to send text reminders for the upcoming meeting. 


The issue i’m having is if someone cancel’s or reschedules a meeting the text for the original meeting will still be sent confusing the attendee. Currently we are scheduling the sms in justcall which there doesn’t seem to be away to cancel a schedule text. 


My new idea is to add delay steps in the zap until right before the sms goes out. This would prevent the text from scheduling and hopefully if zapier has the functionality allow me to stop that zap from completing if the meeting cancelled or rescheduled. However I’m not sure how to stop a specific zap and if the system has this functionality. 

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2 replies

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Hi @John561 

Good question.

If you are trying to find the current status of a record, then after a Delay step in a Zap you can add a Find/Search step, followed by a Filter step.


Otherwise, depending on your HubSpot, plan you may be able to configure workflows that use date/time based triggers to then trigger the Zap at the desired timestamp.

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Hey there @John561 👋, did adding a Find/Search and Filter step help you with this workflow? If you need any clarification or have additional questions, we’re here to help!