How do I grant Zapier access to a single Google Sheets document instead of my entire Google Account?

  • 28 March 2023
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I need to create a Zap that reads a single Google Sheets

I am having security issues with Zappier wanting to access EVERYTHING in my Google Account.

Is there a way to simply give access to a single Sheets document rather than all my personal and professional stuff in my account?

Can I give access to a single document?

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5 replies

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Hi @MastaP 

Good question.

No, when you give Zapier access for an app, it’s access for the entire app.

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This is not secure. Should Zapier get hacked, my personal 2TB at Google info is spread throughout the world. 

I can’t believe people accept to give such access to their data.

Zapier should offer another way to access single documents rather than everything I owe.

I guess I’ll simply create a separate account just for that. Silly.

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Hi @MastaP 

We know how important your data is, so we have a high level of security for it.

Here are some helpful links that you can check regarding our data security:


Hopefully this helps!

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I am sure you work very hard to secure my data. And that no one reads my info. But stuff happen.

So I am simply wondering why Zapier needs global access to ALLLLL my files rather than the single file for my Zap. Why Zapier need my Chocolate muffin Recipe, my Love letters and access to my banking reports I save in a folder from time to time..

I think we should be able to share what we want.

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Hi @MastaP 

I understand you’re concerned but Zapier has an intense security but we’ll take note of this.

Appreciate this feedback from you!