How do I get the record ID of an Airtable field using Jaffier without an API?

  • 10 July 2024
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I want to get the record id of the air table, but I can't select the field from the repeer.
I haven't registered an api in Jaffier, so is this a problem? I understand that Jaffier has not used an api since January, 24. Please tell me how

8 replies

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Hi @jaylo 

For us to have more context, posts screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode so we can see which apps and trigger/actions  you are trying to use.



I'm trying to build a system that uploads YouTube shorts videos to the airtable and uploads them to TikTok and insta. However, the record id on the airtable is not verified on the jaffier. What's wrong?

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Check your Airtable app connection here:

Make sure to select these first:

  • Base
  • Table

It is possible to have a Formula field be the Search by Field.


I haven't done a micronization. Is this necessary to use a jaffier?

The AirTable app is linked and fields are not searched. I'm frustrated that I don't know why😥

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The screenshots don’t show your selected Base and Table in Step 2.

Test your Airtable Zap app connection to make sure it is valid:

Help articles to reference for using Airtable in Zaps:

It has nothing to do with the connection. The connection is all normal

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Hi there, @jaylo 👋

Hmm, I’ve seen this happen before where the folks were trying to select a field from the Search by Field before selecting the Base and Table first. 

Can you try selecting the Base, then the Table in your Zap before clicking into the Search by Field field to select the relevant Record ID field:

Can you give that a try and let me know whether that then allows the fields to be loaded?