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How do I get invoice data and image of PDF from a Gmail receipt into Google Sheets?

  • 13 July 2022
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Hi Everyone


I would need some help with this automation.


If you can show me how it would be done correctly that would be great.

The type of workflow automation I would like to do is back office accounting.



Once a payment has gone through PayPal it could be either business invoice or personal purchase orders.


- I would be getting a invoice to my Gmail so I can start here.

- From Gmail I have a specific labels folder for my personal receipts 

- And I would like those receipts to all show up on a Google sheet with the name of the Vendor, Invoice Date, and the picture or pdf of the sent Invoice or some how to check the receipt from off the Google Sheet.


I would like to know how to create this type of workflow that would be great.


Thanks for your help



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Hey Jermaine! Thanks for taking the time to explain your workflow - let’s see what we can do to help here! When thinking through a workflow, I like to think of things in terms of the Triggers and Actions supported by the apps you’re using within your Zaps.

Also, it looks like you’re wanting to parse out information from those emails to be able to enter the details into a spreadsheet row. Depending on the complexity of the parsing, you could utilize something like our Email Parser (for basic parsing) or Mailparser (for more advanced parsing). 

So, it sounds like your workflow would look something like this:


  • Decide on a parsing app to try/use
  • Set up a Gmail filter to forward labeled emails to your parser email address (given to you when you sign up for an account). Here is a guide on how to set up these kinds of filters:


  1. Trigger: (Parsing app of your choosing) “New Email”
  2. Action: Google Sheets “Create Spreadsheet Row”

I’m not sure it’s possible to automatically generate the image of the PDF invoice/receipt, unless one is included when you receive the email. So that might be the only limitation you run into here. BUT you may be able to access the URL of the email itself and record that in the row for reference. 

Give that a go and let us know how else we can help out here!