How do I get all the data from Google Forms to a Google Sheet?

  • 28 November 2022
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I need some help, currently developing my first application. Fairly tech savy, just finding a roadblock for what I am trying to do.

overview the app is used for data collection… this form is essentially an alternative for google forms. The information recorded is for sales people when they make a sale to spiff them as well as keep them engaged. My form needs a couple items

Invoice number (user input)
I have 16 items (not all shown) that we sell and will spiff on I would like to either have a drop down that they click on each item they sold or a slider bar toggle. I need an input for the sale price on the right side. in different markets our product is priced differently.

I set up a Zapier, I have a zap that works but does not work the way it really needs too.

please see this photo. This is what I am trying to capture I am trying to get this on a single sheet… or better yet. Each Alias has its own sheet. Not sure what the best method is…

this a copy of a post from the adalo community that I had made. The zap wants to do a separate line for each action. 

let me know if you have questions….because I sure do. 


3 replies

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Hi @dhamilton!

Could you explain a little more how Zapier fits into your process? Are you trying to build a Zapier integration for your app? Or are you using Zapier to power some part of it? You mentioned that you have set up a Zap but it’s not doing what you need it to, could you let us know what you want the Zap to do and what steps you have have in the Zap currently? 


I am trying to get all of the data from the form to a Google Sheet. 

I can only get a single action out of the zap. almost like my form would need to be broken into 16 different forms. 

I built the same form in google forms and I am trying to get the same effect. Blank if unsold. (anything if sold)

I think this is more of an Adalo thing but I cant seem to get much traction there either. 

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Hi @dhamilton! I’m wondering if our transfer feature would be of use to you? I know it allows you to transfer information in bulk. Let me know if this is or isn’t what you are looking for, I’d love to be of more help if needed!