How do I format multiple Salesforce records for a daily Slack message?

  • 12 October 2023
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I am trying to format multiple Salesforce records to be sent in a Slack message. I want the formatting to group each record together so it would look something like this:


Name #1

Account #1

Email #1


Name #2

Account #2

Email #2


It is checking for new records everyday so we aren’t sure how many records each day. I have tried formatting line item to text, line itemizer, text to line itemizer, and just cant seem to figure it out.



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2 replies

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Hi @katt.hendershot 

Good question.

We would need to see screenshots with the Zap steps you are trying to use to have more context.

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Hi @katt.hendershot, welcome to the Community! 

Perhaps you could use a Looping by Zapier action to add the line items into a Digest by Zapier action. You can format the digest as desired and have all the records then listed in the Slack message.

You can learn about how to do that sort of workflow here:

And you can find out more about how to set up loops and format digests here: 

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If I’ve misunderstood what you’re looking to do here or you run into any issues on that just let us know! 🙂