How do I fix my email parser to accept emails from addresses other than mine?

I set an email parser to add email in my google sheet i have created. It is working when i send a mail from my gmail account (sending email via gmail to my parser mail box then mail body goes to my google sheet).
The problem is when another address send an email t the same parser mail box. I am not able to get these mails (from different address).
What problem could be? 

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Hey @MVVAC ,


Can you share the screenshot of both the emails? The email when you send and the email when someone else sends.

This is the email i am sending via my gmail account.



And body of email goes direct to my google sheet like below.




I am not able to provide other how other body coming from another email address because i never received it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hey @MVVAC ,


You have mentioned in the description that you are not able to get these emails. How do you know others are send you email? 



We set the system in another software. The software show that emails gone. Nothing coming in my pares email box.