How do I fix a no "Managed Account" option when connecting Google Ads - New Campaign with Zapier?

  • 16 March 2023
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I’m trying to connect Google Ads to Zapier. The goal is that we want the captured data & leads from Google Ads to insert into ActiveCampaign.


ActiveCampaign suggests we use Zapier for this and after going through the steps, we get stuck at this part, where we cannot choose a “managed Account” option and no custom option is available. 



How do we fixed this?

How do we get a “Managed Account”?

Is it because we need to set up a account or are we missing something else within Google Ads?


Thank you!

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5 replies

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Hi @KungFuRetreat 


I would say that yes you need to setup an Ads Manager Google account for this. 

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Hi @KungFuRetreat 

Good question.

Have you reviewed these available help articles for using GAds in Zaps?

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Yes, however it does not address the “Managed Account” Issue appearing blank. 

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@Troy Tessalone That link does not address “managed accounts” or how to solve this problem. 

@MohSwellam I have now created a managed account under a different google ads manager, and connected it to my google ads account that is running the campaigns, but zapier can not find any of our campaigns when testing the trigger.


Does our sole account have to be a google ads manager account? why doesn’t this work? 


I’ve read in depth every forum and help guide I could find and tried youtube as well. I am having no luck here. 

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As an update to this I’ve found the support section where I can send an email/submit a ticket to zapier support so I’ve done that! 


Thanks for your help so far @Troy Tessalone & @MohSwellam and if you have any other advice in the meantime please send it