How do I filter/retrieve specific attachments from Asana task (or subtask) to include in Gmail alert?

  • 15 March 2023
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I have been using Zapier to connect Asana with Gmail, to send out automated Gmail notifications based on various Asana triggers.

I am attempting to have the automation retrieve an attachment from the Asana task, and attach it to the Gmail alert. This is not difficult in and of itself, but I am unsure how to make this work reliably if there are multiple attachments on the task - basically I need to have Zapier pick the “correct” attachment, each time.

Is there a way to reliably filter attachments for this purpose? I am open to using any sort of criteria (attachment names, Asana field IDs, etc.). I just need to know if such a thing is possible, and if so, what parameters/values to use as a filter.


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Hi @stephen7kd 

Good question.

What is the logic for picking the correct attachment on the Asana Task?

Please outline a specific example with screenshots in order for us to have enough context, thanks.