How do I fill the description in Asana task with all the answers given in a Typeform?



I need help understanding how to map all submissions from a Typeform into my Asana Task. 

Based on the information given, I want to fill the Asana task description with the relevant information. 

Like if a person selected one specific type of design from a dropdown list I would then want the Asana task to have all of the information from the logic rules and answers given in the Typeform to automatically fill in. 


Please help! 


Thank you 


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Hey @AmyStout ,


This is possible to build a Zap. 


Trigger - New Typeform Submitted

Action - Create a task on Asana and map all the values from trigger event 

The mapping of the values into the description is not logical though. 

I don’t always need everything.. i just need it to bring in what has been selected in the original Typeform if that makes any sense. 



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Hi @AmyStout,

I just came across your post here and wanted to check in here to see how you’re getting on. Were you able to achieve your desired workflow?

Please do let us know if you’re still in need of some help on this at all we’re happy to assist further! 🤗