How do I fetch custom attribute data from Intercom to Zapier?

  • 21 April 2024
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Is it possible to fetch or capture custom attribute data from Intercom to Zapier? 



3 replies

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Hi @AlexJJ 

Which Intercom Zap trigger/action are you trying to use?

@Troy Tessalone Thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate it! 

A general inquiry but Ideally, either of these three triggers: 

New Lead
New Conversation
New User

We will be using Intercom Tickets so I am not sure if those three triggers would also help fetch custom attributes on Intercom Tickets. 

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Intercom help articles:


Some of my custom attributes are missing

In Intercom, you can have user custom attributes or company custom attributes.
The New User trigger will only send the user custom attributes.
Even though it does send some basic information about the company, it will not include company custom attributes.


You may have to try adding an Intercom “Find” Zap action step or try using the Intercom API: