How do I extract text from Zoom .vtt or .CHAT files for adding captions and transcriptions to YouTube videos?

  • 31 January 2024
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Hey @Extole and  @Troy Tessalone!

I found your conversation with each other and wanted to see if I could get some help with the same.

Based on your dialogue, I wasn’t able to get a working version of this but would love to add this to our workflow for moving Zoom files to Youtube.

We’re looking to add captions to our youtube video, and get a summary + the transcription itself pasted into the description of the youtube video.

Can you help me with the process of getting the txt from the .vtt or .CHAT files provided by zoom as download urls?

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1 reply

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Hi @Flow Movement 👋

Can you please share a bit more detail about exactly where you’re getting stuck in that process?

For example is it that you’re using a Webhook action as mentioned in that other topic in Community but it’s not extracting the text from it as hoped?

We’re unable to see into your Zaps so any screenshots you can share that show the current set up of the Zap and any errors you might be getting would be much appreciated. Remember to remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses, API Keys etc.) from any screenshots before sharing. 

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!