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How do I extract ClickUp case# from in array?

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What I’m trying to do:  When I close a task in ClickUp (Case # is a custom field on task), I want to create a Task on the corresponding case in Salesforce. To do this I need a step to find the Salesforce Task.  Case # is a unique value and I should be able to find the case by using the Case # from the custom field in ClickUp.  

The issue:  I have several custom fields on tasks in ClickUp that allow me to see important information, like Contact and Client Name.  When I access the Custom fields in ClickUp, it looks like and array.  Example:  00001234,0,Elizabeth.   The Case # is the first value in the array. Using the Extract Number function, I get “00001234, 0”.  If I use the Truncate function to capture the first 8 characters, I get:  “00001234,0,Elizabet”.

I can’t find an option that return ONLY the 8 digit case #.

As a Salesforce Admin, I’m allergic to code and would love to find a no or low code solution. Any suggestions?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 25 May 2022, 17:58

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Hi @SFJoAnn 

Good question.

Try this: Formatter > Text > Split

Split by comma

Keep the first segment.

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@Troy Tessalone, thanks for the quick response. I tried the split, like you said:

Test Result:


1:  00003196

2:  Brandon

I don’t see a way to reference the 1st output.     When I reference the field in the Get Case step, I Get 

I need a way to get the Case # without the other text. 

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If that doesn’t work then you can try Formatter > Utilities > Line Items to Text

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@Troy Tessalone That worked!  Thanks