How do I ensure proper sorting of scheduled Slack messages from Google Calendar events.

  • 30 June 2023
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Dear community,

I am using a Zap that is triggered by Google Calendar events starting in 24 hours and that schedules Slack messages to be sent the morning of the day to include the name of the interviewee and the link. However, the messages don’t send in the order of the calendar events. Ideally, I would have the one for 9am sent before the one at 10am etc, so far it seems completely random. Possibly this is because currently I just schedule all to be sent at 8am so that Zap execution times might actually be kind of random.


Could you please help me fix this - so that there is some form of sorting across all google calendar events / Zap executions of this day? 


Many thanks!

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Hi @greenhouseautomation!

Ah yes, as all the messages are being schedule to go out at 8am they would not be run in a specific order. They will just all attempt to go at the same time so which message takes priority over another one will be random.

There’s a a couple different approaches you can try here:


Use a Delay

To have several messages sent at 8am but in the order that they are added then you’ll want to add a Delay after Queue (Delay by Zapier) action to the Zap. You would set the delay action to be released at 8am. And then remove the scheduling time from the Slack action. You can find out more about using this type of delay here: Delay after queue


Use a Digest

To have a single message sent at 8am that contains all the interviewee details and links then you’ll want to use a Append Entry and Schedule Digest (Digest by Zapier) action. It would allow you to create a list of the interviewee details and links (added in order) and set it to be released at 8am, which would then send out the Slack message. You can learn more about how to use digests here: Compile data in a digest in Zaps


Hope this information helps. If you run into any issues in giving those a try let us know! Always happy to help further! 🙂