How do I determine what data an integration consumes?

I’m interested in using the Zapier integration into Greenhouse but would like to understand exactly what information the Zapier integration would be sent as it requires very broad permissions.  Is this documented somewhere? (I’ve search the KB, internet, etc.)

Generally-speaking, is there a way to research the data that gets sent to/from a Zap/Zapier integration PRIOR to installing/configuring/using it?

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Hi @chris_norris 

Yes, but that would generally involve reviewing the app’s API documentation.

Thanks that's helpful but those docs only specify what's possible to get from the API, not what, specifically, the Zapier integration accesses. 

I'm looking for a clear description of what data Zapier reads and writes and what information it sends on to destinations

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That specific information is not explicitly documented to reference.

Depends on the app trigger/action being used in a Zap step.

Sometimes the only way to know for sure is to connect, configure, and test to confirm.


In the live Zap Runs history, there are Logs that can be referenced to see the underlying API requests/response.


The Zap trigger data depends on the type of trigger. (instant via webhooks, scheduled via API polling)

The Greenhouse Zap app triggers are scheduled.

App APIs can have different functionality, and may have parameters available to include/exclude data points that are returned.