How do I delay a trigger until manual edits are made to new sales invoices?

  • 18 August 2023
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When a new invoice comes in from our platform we add the data to a spreadsheet. However we need to edit a few items on the invoices to add tracking codes. This is currently manual for proprietary platform reasons and will have to be for a little longer.


With zapier, our zap detects a new sales invoice and gets the zap started before we have time to manually input the extra data we need into the invoices. This data is crucial for the zap to run as it searches for Hubspot deals based on the extra data we add to invoice


The delay functionality didn’t work as the zap already triggered and doesn’t include our edits after the fact even when delayed. 

What are the ways to do this?

  • Running the zap on a schedule? If so, I don’t seem to be able to choose the new sales invoice trigger for xero…
  • Filtering it so it only runs for invoices post draft stage so we have chance to edit (this won’t work for us as sometimes we have invoice in draft for months and need the zap process (much earlier)
  • Rely on a search process to find Hubspot deals using other data in the invoice?

Any help would be amazing 

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3 replies

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Hi @Asg244 

Good question.

Try these Zap actions:

  • Action: Delay (For X Minutes)
  • Action: Xero - Find Invoice
    • Map following action steps using data from this step


Thanks troy. Would that mean finding each new invoice via the search step rather than flagging for all new ones ?

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Hi there, @Asg244! 👋

You mentioned that “The delay functionality didn’t work as the zap already triggered and doesn’t include our edits after the fact even when delayed.” so I’m wondering if a better approach might be to set the Zap to only trigger for invoices with a specific status? 

It looks as though the New Sales Invoice (Xero) trigger has the option to allow you to limit it to only trigger when there’s a new invoice that has been given a specific status:

So perhaps you could select the Awaiting Approval option? Then when you change the status of the invoice from Draft to Awaiting Approval that would trigger the Zap to then look for the additional information in HubSpot that needs to be added. Would that approach could work?