How do I create two events on Google Calendar after the main event is created on Calendly?

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 I’m trying to create 2 events before and after a “main” event is created.

For example, if the main event in Google Calendar is from 12-1pm, then I want an event 11:30am-12pm and then a 2nd event at 1-1:30pm. 

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Hi @evelyn_mello 

Good question.

Here’s a help article about how to use modifiers:


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Hi @evelyn_mello!


To elaborate on Troy’s answer a little, you can use the date/time modifiers to create new events in Google Calendar that are around the Calendly event. 

If you want two separate events, one before and one after the Calendly one, then your Zap would look a bit like this:

  • Trigger: Calendly - Invite created
  • Action: Google Calendar - Create detailed event (For the event start time use the time of the Calendly appointment  and -30 mins)
  • Action: Google Calendar - Create Detailed event (For the event start time use the time of the Calendly appointment end time)

I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions about how to set that up!