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How do I create multiple folders in Google Drive when a new row is created or updated in Google Sheets?


I have a workflow for a recruiting agency that I want to automate.

When the agency gets a new customer, the customer has either one position to recruit or multiple positions.

Based on the position, the recruiting agency will create a folder structure in Google Drive like the following:

Lead name

    Position 1

    Position 2 (if it is more than one position)



The Google Sheets columns look like this:

Lead No. | Lead Name | Position 1 | Position 2 | Position 3 | ……….


How can I create one workflow that checks all of the columns position and then creates the specific folder structure based on the input (so if only one position is filled in, it should create one folder with the position name, etc. and if there are more than 1 positions, it should create folders based on the input. So Pos 1 - Pos 5 is filled in, it should create 5 folders with the name of the column with subfolders).


I already created one workflow if a new row is added in Google Sheets, it should create everything in Google Drive.

The only problem I have is with multiple positions.

Is there a smart way to solve this within one workflow or do I need to create one workflow for each position?


Many thanks in advance, have a nice Sunday! :)



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 4 June 2023, 19:15

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Hi @Maurizio 

Good question.

Try using the Looping app to handle 1+ line items:

Hi @Maurizio 

Good question.

Try using the Looping app to handle 1+ line items:

Hello Troy,


Many thanks for your help and sorry for the late response!

It solved my problem! :)

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Thank so much for following up here @Maurizio to confirm that Troy’s suggestion of using Looping by Zapier did the trick! 😁🎉

Happy Zapping! ⚡