How do I create an order timelime for my customers?

  • 28 November 2023
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I have an EComm business where in we supply Films and Analog Gear across the country. Our current online store has products listed and those products when purchased via our site, get shipped off with a specific shipping company and the customers get the tracking ID to see the status of the order. 

But we have a lot of offline orders and services where in products are imported from various countries. We cannot unfortunately share these tracking IDs with our customers because of internal policies. Hence we want to have a way to share a timeline or shipment status or service status with our customers. The simple reason - many shipments get delayed due to various reasons and our customers keep asking us the status. Or keep calling our team for updates. We do give it. We want to give a system where they can see what’s the status of their shipment or service and reduce the calling and messaging. Is there a way we can do this? Where each customer gets a link or visual feed or timeline view to see what’s the status? 

Kindly let us know.



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Hello and welcome to the Community, @thepanchrome! 👋

Can you tell us what apps/services you’re using for your shop and shipping? Just wondering if your desired workflow would involve using any of the apps listed here: 

If not, if the tracking information is available via an API perhaps you could use a Webhook by Zapier action to obtain status updates and which you then email to the customer? Does that sound like a viable option?

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!