How do I create an automated email response with a link for customers leaving reviews?

  • 13 December 2023
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Hi all!

New to this automated email gig so forgive me.

I am trying to create a automated email response with a link to those customers who leave us a review. Not quite sure how to go about this so any help is very appreciated.

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5 replies

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Hi @dmmorales 

Which apps are you trying to use in the Zaps?

Just gmail

Id like to send customers who have already bought the product a link to review it and once completed a auto response with a link to a free gift


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It’s unclear what app would be used in the Zap trigger step.


Gmail Zap app triggers/actions:

Creating an automated email response with a review link is a fantastic way to engage with your customers. To achieve this, you can use email marketing tools like Mailchimp or SendGrid to set up an automated campaign triggered by customer reviews. Incorporate a personalized message expressing gratitude for their feedback and include the review link seamlessly. Additionally, to enhance customer satisfaction, consider incorporating features like 'Loklok Mod Premium Unlocked' in your response to further enhance their experience. If you need assistance with the technical details, feel free to ask!

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As Troy mentioned you will need a trigger that starts the zap.

If the software you’re using for the client to write their reviews is available then you could use the trigger from that perhaps on “new review”. Alternative, if you get an email telling you of the review you could possibly use that as the trigger.  You could grab the data from the email and create a new email  to send out. 

The trigger should provide you with the data to use in the Google Mail zap to send the email and the link you wanted. There may be some intermediary steps to ensure everything is formatted and configured to send but it shouldn’t be too difficult and there are people always available to ask.