How do I create an Asana task when a specific cell in Google Sheets is updated?

Hi Zaper Community,


I have been trying to link my googlesheet to asana for a while but after several attempts I still have not managed. Zapier's support has looked along but don't know either. All links are well connected according to them. 

I would like to link my spreadsheet to Asana.
I am working on my new youtube channel and want to make it easier for my team when an assignment is ready. By linking my google sheet to zapier and then to asana my team members will see what the idea is per video. The plan is also that when I change something in the google sheet that it changes with it.


As soon as I write GO in the cell VIDEO CHECK, I want Zapier to send the data what is written in the sheet to Asana.

In recent years I have done it in a much surrounded way. My colleague in the youtube world also uses your system and recommended it.

 I added some pictures (this is how a friend did it himself) and my google sheet.


hopefully you guys can help.



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Hi @Islamic Warnings 

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your interest in Zapier.

I can see that the Support Team replied to your ticket, and you’re in conversation with them. This was the last reply:

Upon checking the Zap, it seems that you have mapped all the necessary fields correctly. Could you please let me know which part is not working? Also, I'm sorry to say this but while we do not have an internal service for building custom Zaps, we do have a Zapier Experts program where you can get in touch with someone who can help with setup:

In our Community, we have a specific forum called "Hire a Pro" where you can hire a freelancer, consultant, or agency to help you build workflows and systematize your processes. You can find that forum here:

In this case, it will be best to keep the conversation going over with them.

Hi Brem,

when I write GO! in my sheet nothing happens in asana.

it seems like the data is not arriving in asana.
How long does it take for it to show up in asana?

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Hi @Islamic Warnings 

What is your Zapier plan?

You can check the update time of the Zapier plans in this link:

my zapier plan is starter.

i see now the upload time is 15 min.
Does that mean it will only be visible in Asana after 15 min?

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Hi @Islamic Warnings 

Yes, that’s correct!

@Brem  it's been half an hour now but still nothing

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Hi @Islamic Warnings 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to continue the conversation with our Support Team. They can dig into the error logs of your Zap with you to look for the cause of the errors.

Starting to feel a little sad now that it still won't work out. Pretty behind with my work now

what is the difference when choosing spreadsheet a,b,c?

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Hey there @Islamic Warnings,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help.

Could you try changing the trigger to "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" (without the Team Drive)? And make sure to select the right "Trigger Column" on the trigger step.

Also, here's a helpful article that could shed some light on why your Zap might not be triggering:

Please give that a try, and keep us posted.

Thanks! 😊


Hi ken,

just now I went through the steps but still no success. I see at the filter I see video upload sheet instead of video check. Is this correct?
I cannot find video check

could you make a zap of my google sheet and show me how to do that?

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Hey there, @Islamic Warnings! Thanks for reaching out in community. 🤗
Since Zapier is a self-serve product we don’t offer implementation services currently but totally a valid question!

If you are interested in someone taking this on for you, as Brem mentioned earlier, I might recommend hiring a Zapier Expert!

Looking at your screenshots though as you mentioned the trigger column is “Video Check”

And the filter is set for a “Video Upload” column

These fields should match for whichever column you’d like it to monitor for the word “Go”. In addition, you’ll want to check that the sample you’re pulling in to test has that field filled out. Once you’ve confirmed this you can refresh your sample and test again to make sure it creates the Asana task.

It’s worth mentioning that Google Sheets is a little finicky when it comes to formatting. So it might be worth checking your spreadsheet to make sure it’s formatted to work with Zapier.

I hope some of this helps! 🧡