How do I create a zap which starts when a slack message created by another zap gets a reaction from a person message in that zap?

  • 20 December 2023
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Hello all,

I want to create a zap that starts only when the slack message created by a previous zap (mentioning a specific person) gets a reaction from that specific person.

My already produced zap leads to a message on slack (mentioning two slack accounts) on a specific channel.

I want my other zap to get triggered when that message gets a specific reaction from the second slack account mentioned in that slack message: but I have not managed this.

Does someone know how to do this ?

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5 replies

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Hi @vlsepd 

Try adding a Filter as Step 2:

Hi @Troy Tessalone thank your the quick reply.

That does work, until I try to actually set up the filter: I can’t find how to filter based on who initiated the reaction to the message. Do you know how to do that (potentially manually?)



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Did you try using this setting in the Slack Zap trigger?


Hi, yes I have, of course,

But the specified user depends on something else which I can’t bring up in the trigger or later as a filter as I can’t find a way to filter based on who reacted with the slack integration.

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When I tested, the user info came thru the Zap trigger.