How do I create a zap that sends data to a customGPT and then using Zapier also receive the output from the customGPT

  • 24 January 2024
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I want to use zapier to link user answers from a google form to a customGPT.


The customGPT will provide an output based on the users answers to this form and I would like then to also use zapier to receive the answer from customGPT and automatically send the answer to the user.  

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3 replies

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Hey there @deanmc, welcome to the Community! 👋

It’s not possible to use a Zap to interact with a custom GPT in that way but you can add some of the functionality of a Zap to a custom GPT using Zapier’s AI actions. You can learn more about that here: Zapier AI actions in other apps 

If it doesn’t need to be handled through a custom GPT could the answers be provided by OpenAI’s Assistants feature?

Asking as the ChatGPT app on Zapier has the ability to interact with OpenAI Assistants within a Zap, so I’m wondering if you could use an OpenAI Assistant instead. It’s important to note that there are differences between OpenAI Assistants and custom GPTs. But, if the custom GPT is just responding based on information contained in a file for example, then the same approach could be achieved using the ChatGPT app’s actions - see our Use OpenAI's Assistants API with your Zaps guide for more details.

Do you think using an OpenAI Assistant could work for the desired workflow here?

Also, how would you want the answer to be sent to the user? Would it be by email or were you wanting to have it displayed on the Google Form submission page?

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

Hi Sam, 


Appreciate the response. The most important aspects of this would be that the GPT gives a personalised response to the answers given in the form while referencing our own data (which would be included in a text file). 


If OpenAI assistants and Zapier have the capability to do this while allowing us to upload our own knowledge document to reference, then this would be a viable option. Can you confirm for me if this is possible please? And we would want the answers to be sent to the user via email.




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Thanks for getting back to me @deanmc

You could definitely use an OpenAI assistant for that in a Zap. As you can see in the following screenshot with the Conversation with Assistant (ChatGPT) action there’s the option to to select an existing file or upload a new text file that the assistant would reference:

So, I’d have thought that you could use a Zap with the following trigger and actions to achieve what you’re after:

  • Trigger: New Form Response (Google Forms) - runs when someone fills out the Google Forms form.
  • Action: Conversation with Assistant (ChatGPT) - sends answers collected in the form over to the OpenAI assistant to generate a personalised response taking into account the information in the file.
  • Action: Send Email (Gmail) - sends the user an email with that includes the assistant’s response from the previous action.

NOTE: I’ve used the Gmail app as an example here but you can see the full list of other email apps available on Zapier here:

If I've misunderstood or missed anything, or you run into any issues in setting this up just let us know. Always happy to help further! 🙂