How do I create a task completion button in Zapier email for offboarding workflow?

  • 1 December 2023
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Hi all,


We are creating an offboarding workflow within our company. For this, different stakeholders need to perform certain actions. We want to inform the stakeholders by sending them an email “you need to do x” (we are using Google Workspace). Within this email we want to have a button where the stakeholder can indicate that the action has been performed. We are currently not working with any “to do list” software and are also not planning to do so in the short term. 


We had talks with Zenphi, another automation provider, and they have this option. However, we prefer to work with Zapier as we are using for other automations as well. Please see below a screenshot of what Zenphi is offering.



Is there any solution for this in Zapier. I tried searching for it, but can’t seem to find a similar solution.


Thank you in advance,


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Leon van der Vliet


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Hi @Shypple 

Good question.

The button would need to click thru to some URL.

So you need to configure a solution that not only triggers an automation from clicking the button, but also redirects the user to a landing page.