How do I create a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online with SKU in the description when a Kajabi sale occurs?

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Hi I am new to Zapier and loving the possibilities.
I am trying to link Sales from Kajabi (uses Stripe) into QuickBooks Online creating a Sales Receipt.

Note: Kajabi sales item does not match Quickbooks SKU. 

Actions taken: 

I have hooked up Kajabi and Quickbooks. 

I do get an Sales Receipt that is incomplete.

Challenge: I am have trouble getting the Zap to put SKU data into the Description field on the Sales Receipt.

I expect if this is done then QB will then generate the price, etc, as it does when I hand enter the SKU in the Sales Receipt. 

I have built a Lookup table Trying various options such as Kajabi ID name and Quickbooks Price and even the Kajabi name and the Quickbooks name hoping that I will get one perfect product zap and then I can make the others work. 


Zap Data: 

Please advise. I am frustrated on what to do next. 

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Welcome to the Community, @Doshi

Typically with Formatter’s lookup table you’d want to just have the Kajabi product IDs on the left and the QuickBooks product ID’s on the right, and not have the prices in there as well. For example:

If you were to add a Find Product(s) (QuickBooks Online) search action to the Zap could you search for the product using the name that’s supplied by Kajabi? I’m thinking that should help to get you the correct product QuickBooks ID as well as it’s QuickBooks price, description etc. 

If the search isn’t able to find the product then you might need to switch the lookup table to have a list of the Kajabi product names in the left column and the corresponding QuickBooks product names on the right. That way you can pass the QuickBooks names from the lookup table over to the Find Product(s) action to be used as the product names to search for.

Want to give that a try and let us know how that goes? 

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SamB…. thank you so much for taking the time to give me direction. I will work on that right away and let you know the results.
Best, Doshi

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I can only see how to do ONE product at a time… that works in finding the data for Quickbooks.
I have 65 in Kajabi. Is there a way to do a find Product list?? 

I rebuilt the Lookup table as you suggested. 
I got these results… 



I get the correct QB Item in the Description field but Not in the product ]/service field. and it seems that i put the right info above. 

Any ideas?? 


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Thanks for giving that a go @Doshi

Ah, I think you need to add a Find Product(s) (QuickBooks Online) search action to get the relevant product details that it’s currently missing.

It looks like the Find Product(s) action can only search using the name for the product not by it’s ID. So the lookup table will need to have a list of the Kajabi product names (on the left) and the relevant QuickBooks product names (on the right). Then the Find Product(s) action can take the names output by the lookup table and use them as the product names to search for. Does that make sense?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I am happy to try that. 

Where in this Step order do I insert the FIND PRODUCT(S) - ??


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Hey there, @Doshi 

The “Find Product” Quickbooks search step would go anytime after the Formatter step (we’ll be using the output from Formatter to locate the product in Quickbooks) but before the “Create Sales Receipt” (we’ll use the info from the “Find Product” Search to fill in the missing details here). 🙂

I’d probably put it right after the Formatter step but it’s totally up to you! 

I hope some of this helps! 🧡