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How do I create a new google worksheet with contact data from hubspot once per month?

Wanting to use zapier to pull contact data from hubspot based on a contact property criteria and then create a new worksheet all the contacts returned.

This isn’t dependant on a property changing in hubspot, rather I’d just like to pull all the contact data for current customers in Hubspot and put them into a new worksheet in google.




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Hi @Kwallenbeck 

Without over engineering an automated solution, it may be best/simplest to set a reminder and do this Task manually once per month in HubSpot.

Check out these HubSpot articles about exporting data:

Thanks, I get that I can have it done manually. Interesting thing is we are on a Zapier community thread with a product that is all about automation, yet a very simple thing … get data from one source and put it into another is … a manual task.  I’m very confused.


I get the over-engineering part and I appreciate that.  I am looking for an automated solution to a pretty simple problem.  Maybe zapier isn’t that tool.  Not sure yet.

Thanks much for your suggestions.

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Most Zap app integrations are best suited to act upon 1 record at a time (trigger/action/search) in real-time VS taking action on bulk records on a scheduled (cron) job.

Bulk records present a different set of challenges to factor in when trying to do automation.

For example, a bulk record set could include from 0-infinite number of records.

Some apps don’t work well trying to handle large volumes of data at one time.

(e.g. GSheets has file size limits to be mindful of.)

There are race limits and throttling aspects to deal with with the apps involved.

Along with pagination and max records per page, offsets, filtering, sorting, etc.

Generally, bulk actions are best suited for leveraging an app’s APIs:

App APIs to handle bulk actions are often custom coded to serve specific use cases such as yours.

To be clear, I’m not saying it can’t be done using Zapier, but it would involve a much more advanced approached using technical concepts beyond the basic plug and play capabilities that Zapier focuses on.


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Here’s a GSearch about “HubSpot scheduled exports” which may lead you in the right direction:


Also, you may want to consider hiring a Zapier Expert to help:

Good word and I appreciate all the help/insight.