How do I create a Google Form questionnaire with scoring and automatic feedback?

  • 10 July 2023
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Hi everyone, I want to do a questionnaire with google form. To take the answer and add them on google sheet.
My first question is :

How to do this without create a new google sheet each times we have a new answer ?

My second question is :

How to collecte the data and do a scoring on them and send the global note to the person who answer to the questionnaire ?

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2 replies

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Hi @Paul Laulan 

Good question.

GForm submissions can be automatically saved to a linked GSheet.

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Welcome to the Community, @Paul Laulan! 🙂

Google Forms actually has the option to automatically save form responses into a new row in a Google Sheet: Choose where to save form responses. With that enabled it would add all form responses into the same Google Sheet every time, not create a new Google Sheet spreadsheet for each response.

If you set up the questionnaire as a “Quiz” on Google Forms you can enable automatic scoring: Create and mark quizzes with Google Forms. Assuming the form captures their email address, you could use a Send Email (Gmail) action to then send them a note. And if you wanted to send the person their total score in the email as well that would be possible. As the total score would be one of the available fields when using the New Form Response (Google Forms) trigger.

Hope that helps to get you started. If you run into further questions or have any trouble setting that up just let us know!