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How do I create a database in Notion when an event is created/updated on Google Calendar?

  • 8 March 2023
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Hi there, 

I'm trying to have a Notion database item created each time a Google Calendar event is created/updated from a specific calendar. The idea behind this is that this Google Calendar has events that need to be automatically added to a database in Notion where the event will be further managed. 

I'm not what to do though because whenever I get to the "Create Database Item in Notion" selection Zapier is not populating any of my Notion databases. As a result, I am unable to connect the calendar to the appropriate database to update it. I've already given Zapier the permissions I though were needed to accomplish these actions

Just for extra information, this is for social media management! The client is event-based and so they input the event into Google Calendar and I want these events to automatically be added to the Notion database where the social media posts are then created from. I've been stuck on this for weeks and need help ASAP! 


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Hi @lisaanderson 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how each Zap step is configured in order for us to have enough context, thanks.


Have you reviewed the available help articles for Notion?

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Hi @lisaanderson 

It looks like one of our Support Specialists has replied.

This is about Zap creation. I'll start by sharing a good guide on getting started with making a Zap: and here more specifically for setting up an action, and how to choose information for a field:
I'll talk about it too though. Before you exist the fields that Notion wants to have fulfilled. You only need to fill in the required ones, and then the rest are at your discretion. You want to add content to the database - let's say you want to add the description of the meeting. That would be done like this:
You can map in multiple values, and also write in the description. What you type is a static value, and will be present on each Notion database. But the pills that get mapped in - will change based on the info from the Google Calendar event. Depending on how that information is formatted may change how you want to create this content field.
In general, yes, Zapier can help to move files from one app to another. However, Notion currently doesn't support files being shared. Apps will have a dedicated field (like name, number, address, etc, usually do) for where to enter the file information. We've a request open asking for this functionality to be included in Notion, and I've added your email to it now. You'll be automatically contacted with any updates.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out with our Support Specialists!